Being a designer is a privilege, especially when one discovers that your work makes people happy, that it provokes changes in a person, on the inside and on the outside.

I admit and I can say this with gratitude that it took a long way of searching to come to where I am now. I am able to shape my own ideas in unique fashion products and I am thrilled to see how people respond them – they are touched, they encourage their imagination and they become fond of them. It means a great deal to me to be able to bond to people in this people. The company is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Passion to design was there from my early youth although I did not choose to study it. I used to express myself through amateur painting and only later decided to study fashion design. Then I was immediately drawn into structures. I was provoked by regular shapes, I needed to change, redesign them. My hands were eager to wrinkle flat materials into structures without any order, without any rules.

The very essence of my design is a circle, a ball, a perfect shape with no beginning and no end – I tend to add them structure. Each of them is unique, special, unrepeatable. Basic material is leather, its ability to shape soft and gentle or intensive and strong structures gives a lot of variations. Leather is a very grateful material to shape small and large surfaces and that makes my creations so different but reconisable. I also like to explore combinations with other materials.

I am constantly driven by the idea of creating special products, the ones not yet explored, unique in the true sense of a meaning. Hand-made created structures are not repeatable even if one wanted to repeat them. I am satisfied when somebody wants my creation because it would be the only piece in the world just the same. I am happy to be able to make this wish come true.

Mojca Goltes

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