Design by Mojca Goltes speaks a very special language, unique and recognizable. Interestingly designed fashion pieces arise plentiful associations, from strictly organic forms to perfect esthetic textures, which can never be the same. They strive to find their way to reach those who accept them as their own.

Inspired mainly by leather, Mojca Goltes gives this material a special treat. They are wrinkled in imaginative structures, luxurious and so full of content, as if she would like to fullfil the creations to the extreme. Results are unique clothes and accessories: bags, earings, bracelets, necklaces and special footwear. They all succeed to impress those who long to express their individuality. Clear and visible concept allows diverse and always fresh combinations of various creations.

Izdelke, ki vas zanimajo, lahko s klikom dodate v vrečko, katere vsebino lahko preverite preko povezave “Moja vrečka”, kjer se izpiše število trenutno izbranih izdelkov. Po potrditvi izbora lahko oddate povpraševanje ali pa nas pokličete.

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